It's Friday!  And it's been a long week for me.  I was not supposed to be sick.  I was supposed to drop below 200 lbs. (using Ignite) for the first time in a year.  I was supposed to celebrate Mardi Gras.  Yeah, I'm ready for a redo week.

So, I'm starting over again with Ignite.  You'll see brand new measurements and pictures on Monday morning.  And so I've got my meal plan ready for next week, complete with meals that are Ignite "approved."  And I'm making a commitment to myself to work out every day.  That includes rowing each day and doing some strength training along with it.

As for the weekend, I just want to get completely recovered so I can be strong come Monday.  So give me a little time this weekend to get strong again, and I'll be back Monday with some great recipes for you next week as well as updates on Ignite and more Food FYI's.   See you Monday morning!