Question - Teaching your children to cook

"Oh Mom!"  That was the phrase I heard the other day, coming from K1 (aka, the "informant") in the kitchen.  I came in to find this:

Yup.  That's K2 (the culprit), playing in flour that she had dumped out on the counter.  I asked what she was doing.  "I cooking, Mommy."  Ah.  Makes sense.

So my question is, at what age do you let your kids start to help in the kitchen?

For me, I know I wanted to learn from a very young age.  My grandmother taught me how to make scrambled eggs when I was 5.  And I think that some of today's appliances make it a little easier for kids to help and learn how to cook.

K1 can make pancakes.  I taught her a year ago and she takes great pride in her pancakes.  Especially now that she can read, it makes following a recipe much easier.  A simple recipe that requires no knives, pancakes is a great way to teach her how to do measurements of both liquids and solids, how to work around heat, and how to be independent in the kitchen.  She is also a perfectionist when it comes to PB&J.

So when do you start teaching your kids how to cook?  For your comment, you'll get a free entry in the giveaway!