My Favorite Things - Roadkill Grill

We had my dad in town last week, and whenever he comes into town we like to take him to the latest foodie place we've found.  This time was fantastic - Roadkill Grill.

Deep in the neighborhoods of North Las Vegas - oh yeah, this little dive is in the middle of a residential area.    Roadkill Grill is the product of John Mull's Meats, a butcher shop.  It has been featured on Guy Fieri's show, "Diners, Dives, and Drive-Ins."  And it is WORTH.EVERY.SINGLE.BITE!

This is not your typical Vegas place to eat.  There's no luxurious atmosphere, no fancy and polite waiters, no fine china to eat off of.  Roadkill grill is cafeteria style, eat out of Styrofoam containers, everyone is family kind of place.  You park in a dirt parking lot.  During the weekdays you walk into a cinder block building to see Guy Fieri's face spray painted on the wall.  One side of the shop is the butcher shop, the other side is the restaurant.  It is cozy.  On the weekends, they set up shop outside.  They set up their stands, grills, and lots of card tables.  Oh, and did I mention that they have free beer?  And it is always busy.

Once inside, you get a look at the menu, taped to the wall on poster board.  And then you see the food.  And you want some of that, and that, and a little of that, oh wait, I want that instead...I don't think I've tried something there, or heard of anyone not liking anything they have.  The Hubs does not like potato salad or green beans.  Guess what, HE.LOVES.THEM. here at Roadkill.  The Mac and Cheese is so clearly homemade, you could it that alone for a meal.  They have coleslaw and macaroni salad.  Hot links, brisket, ribs, chicken.  And everything comes with a side of their own authentic barbecue sauce - hot or regular.  And just like any other picnic or potluck, they don't have fountain drinks.  It's all from the can, my friend.

So you get your food and head outside to the card tables and folding chairs.  Lots of napkins.  And despite how many people are there hanging out for hours, it is surprisingly quiet.  Not because you are not on the strip, but because everyone is just enjoying the food.  The Hubs opts for the spare ribs and hot link, barbecue beans and potato salad.  I go for the spare ribs, brisket, baked beans, and potato salad.  And of course the girls get their mac and cheese.  We all hardly talk while we eating.  And then we break out the peach cobbler.  Again, homemade, and DELISH!  Warm, sweet, and full of yummy crust.  It just makes the meal complete.

Then we all pile into the truck and prepare for the food coma awaiting us.  As usual, Roadkill Grill did not disappoint on this trip.  And the verdict from my dad (visiting us from Wyoming) -

"It's Good!"

So go check out Vegas' very own Roadkill Grill.  I promise you won't be disappointed.