Pin Flop - Jalapeno Popper Chicken

Jalapeno Popper Chicken.  Oh this recipe had so much promise.  The name alone had me so stinking excited for that hot, cheesy goodness of the jalapeno popper.  This is the pin:

No, it doesn't look like it would be spicy, but I still had hope.  Just look at all that cheese!  And the crunchy panko crust!  Well, this is what mine looked like:

Wow.  Immediately, I could tell that this was NOT going to be what I expected.  The filling turned out not creamy and cheesy, but grainy and greasy.  Heat?  None.  NOT A SINGLE BIT!  Oh, jalapeno, where did you go?  The preparation was easy enough, but the final result left me wanting for something else.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't gag through the meal.  The chicken was still moist.  But there was little to no flavor.

The biggest problem I have with this recipe though?  It says to cook the breasts for 25-30 minutes.  WRONG.  I checked them at 30 minutes, still pink.  45 minutes, starting to look done, but juices still not clear.  Finally at the 1 hour mark, they were finished.  Wowzah.  Salmonella anyone?

Nope, I will not be making this recipe again.  Bummer.  Now I have to send The Hubs to the store to get a pack of jalapeno poppers to satisfy my craving.