Bloggerific Scavenger Hunt

A bunch of us Vegas girls have gotten together to bring you a new and fun link party. It's called "Bloggerific Scavenger Hunt."  Using a theme, the goal is to get out in your community and take 5 photos that fit into the categories.  The theme and categories will go up on Sunday, you throw up your link!

So this week, our theme is "Summer."  Here are my photos:

(Flip Flops, Grill, Pool, Ice Cream, Sunglasses)

Now, give my fellow hosts some love and check out their 5 finds.  Then, head on out and participate!

This week's theme? SUMMER 

Categories to find and photograph. (Remember: Only 5 are required.)

1. Sunglasses

2. Beach ball

3. Iced tea

4. Watermelon

5. Flip flops

6. Sunscreen

7. Pool

8. BBQ

9. Beach towel

10. Ice cream