Friday Five

Today's Five is brought to you by Fathers.  Give your dad a hug this weekend.

1. Favorite Pinterest Find:
How cute is this cupcake?!  It would be perfect for Father's Day!  Only I wouldn't use coconut for the grass.  I'd use frosting. But that's just me.

2. Favorite YouTube Find:
Somehow, I hope my dad sees this.  And I hope my girls see it one day and realize what their dad does for them.

3. Favorite Funny:
By far, I think Dave Engledow is one of the funniest dad photographers I've seen out there.  Go check out his Fotoblur page for more funnies.

4. Favorite Quote:
I'm not sure where this quote came from, but I love it.

5. My Favorite Dads:

The Hubs and my dad. My two favorite men.  Happy Father's Day to both of them. (Photos by {K} Photography)  And Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!