FYI - Cooking Measurement Conversions

Do you have a handy dandy go to chart for conversions in the kitchen?  Do you Google® them?  Or do you just wing it?  I have a confession, don't judge me for it.  Most of the time, I wing it.  And 9 times out of 10 I do just fine.  But it is that 1 time that it is a complete failure that I wish I would have gone to one of my sources for measurement conversions.

Enter this lovely little chart.  I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and found it.  And although it states on the chart that it is "for the UK," it certainly applies to us in the Western Hemisphere as well.  There are quite a few out there that you can find to print out and hang up in your kitchen.  But this just happens to have measurements, meat cuts and some other fun and useful information that is good for quick reference.  Click on the link at the end of this post to go to the original post and print it out.

Source: http://www.everest.co.uk/products/kitchens/kitchen-cheat-sheet/