Happy New Year!

Here we are, 2014!  Holy cow, it's been such a whirlwind the last few weeks.  Did you all make it through the holidays with your sanity intact?  I'm still searching for mine underneath the decorations that are waiting for me to put away.

I am excited for this coming year and the changes that are slowly going to be happening to my little blog.  Nothing major, I'm still sticking around and cooking tasty food, but just minor tweaks.  One of those is a Friday feature - Fit Friday.  On Fridays, I will be spotlighting meals that are more healthy - from Paleo to Zone Diet, organic ingredients and less processed foods.  Again, small changes.  You can still expect to see some yummy desserts floating around here and there.

In the meantime, for today, I'd like to share my Top 6 viewed and shared posts of 2013.  The Slow Cooker recipes were a big hit last year, so you can bet you'll see more this year!

Top 6 Posts of 2013

So here's to an awesome year for food! Stick around and grab some ideas for your new year.