I'm back!

Well, it's been 2 years since I took this journey.  And I am excited to do it again.  I'm starting with a clean slate - you won't need to refer back to the old blog because everything will show up here again, eventually.

Why am I starting to blog about cooking again?  Simple - I am BORED with the food we have been eating.  So bored, in fact, that most of the time we are eating out now.  Not good.  Not good for the waistline or the checkbook.  And the blog inspired me before, so I'm hoping it'll do the same for me again.

I want to do a different thing each day, just as before.  But, it will be slightly different.  A little more practical.

I live for the weekends.  I live for spending time with my family, our new puppy, and our boat.  So Saturday and Sunday will be my days off.  Take a break from technology!  And get out and enjoy some fresh air.

Because I do my grocery shopping on Saturday, meal plans for the week will be introduced on Friday.  Makes more sense to me!  Plus, if you want to try one of the recipes in my plan, you will have time to go shopping as well.

Other than that, I'm NOT scheduling out an assignment for each day.  I want to have fun with this and I want you to enjoy it as well.

Oh, one more thing.  I am a distributor for Xyngular.  I will be taking the opportunity  regularly to introduce you to their products and how they are affecting my lifestyle and my health.  I can't wait for this chapter of He Married Me For My Cooking.