Meal Plan Friday!

So this week I have been doing Ignite. I'm finishing it out this weekend.  Then I am going to take a week off to let my body adjust.  And then, I'll do one more round this month the following week.  Am I going to go crazy this next week?  NOPE!  BUT, I am going to enjoy my food.  Here's what is on the docket for this week:

Saturday: Roast Chicken with Sweet Potatoes (we had a slight change in the schedule this week)
Sunday: Slow Cooker Pot Roast
Monday: French Omelets (I'll post the recipe later)
Tuesday: Individual Chicken Pot Pies
Wednesday: Taco Salad with Ground Turkey (I'll post the recipe later)
Thursday: Chicken Tortilla Soup (my girls call this "Dora Soup")
Friday: Pizza (Yup, I'm indulging, but not without a little bit of Cheat Sprinkle!)