Midweek, and I need a nap

Well, the migraine is gone.  YAY!  That was a not so fun 24 hours.  And I am ready to give up on some of the meds already.  Like the Flonase?  Yeah, I'm not liking that stuff at all.

Anyway, tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  Are you doing anything special for your sweeties?  I have all kinds of surprises planned for the kiddos.  First on the docket though are cupcakes for Kidlet 1's class.  Now, I don't mean to brag, but my cupcakes are kind of a hit.  See, we're not big cake fans here.  For birthdays, we'd rather have pie, cheesecake, or brownies.  But for birthday parties or any other kid party, you have to have cake.  So rather than make a whole cake and have leftovers, I make cupcakes. They are easier to decorate and you can do a million things with them!

So, I'm sharing my recipe with you for my moist, easy cupcakes.  This is my go to recipe, and you can basically switch it up with any variety you want.  I'm also adding a page to the blog to display some of the fun cupcakes I've made in the past.  Again, I love simple and fun.  I'm a mom.