Pin Win or Flop

I stumbled across this slow cooker recipe a few weeks ago and thought Sunday would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try.  Honey Sesame Chicken.

Looks good, right?  I even read through the comments to make sure it wasn't going to totally through my Sunday out of balance.  Looked like a winner.  So I dove in a started to make the sauce.  A whole cup of honey?  Okay.  A half a cup of soy sauce?  Um, alright.  Ketchup....skeptical.  Here is my result (remember, the picture has NOT been doctored up):

(Looks NOTHING like the recipe photo)

(Uh oh, the Hubs is pouring on the Sriracha sauce.  Not a good sign.)

(K1 doesn't look too happy.)

(K2 got the "Willies" and gagged.  Crap.)

The verdict?  FLOP!  Biggest flop yet.  It was so salty.  The sauce was thick and sticky.  And there was NO way I was going to be able to cut the chicken breasts up in cubes.  It fell apart the minute I removed it from the slow cooker (which normally would be a good thing!).  Did I follow the recipe to the letter?  Yup.  I did read the comments and the alterations suggested.  But I followed the recipe to give my followers an idea of what it turns out like.  

We ended up tossing 90% of the meal and had PB&J.  Bummer.