Pin Win - Quote

I know, I know, it's not a recipe.  But, it IS Spring cleaning time, and I have to use what is in my house.  Those are the rules, my friends.  So when I stumbled on this awesome quote on Pinterest last week, I thought I would use this as my cooking Pin-Win for the week.

I hope my readers understand that I'm not an actual chef.  I didn't go to cooking school, I didn't study under the tutelage of Bobby Flay or Paula Deen (BUT COULD YOU IMAGINE?!), I just simply started cooking.  And I am constantly learning every day.  I research, I read, and I try new things.  Yeah, sometimes trying those new things are very scary for me because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I sincerely fear failure.  But I still try.

So if you are here, feeling a bit intimidated, please don't.  I simply want to share my love for food and inspire others to learn to cook and cook good food.  So there's my Pin-Win.

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