A Major Distraction

Okay, I have to be honest with you.  I've been a little bit distracted this week.  We've had a pretty bad fire in our mountains here.  They're calling it the Carpenter 1 Fire.  I can see it from my front door, and every night we've been able to see the flames.  They've had to evacuate all the residents up there.  They've closed all the entrances to the mountain.  As of last night, it was up to 15,000 acres.  To put it in perspective, that's almost as large as the bad Colorado fire last year.  Thankfully no structures have been damaged and no lives have been lost.

I've seen several forest fires in my life, but nothing this big.  I even came really close to a fire when I was in college at BYU and Y mountain went up in flames.  But they put that fire out pretty quickly.  We've lived in Las Vegas for almost 8 years now and we've never seen a fire up in our mountains.  Usually we pick up smoke from fires in Utah, Colorado, California, or Arizona.  So, I've been quite fascinated with this fire.  And sad.  It will be sad to see burned trees and land up there after they get it put out.  The winter won't be the same without the snow on the full trees.

So, I needed this opportunity to get my feelings and frustrations out there about the fire.  And I'll be back tomorrow with a really great recipe.

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