Friday Five

I'm still on an Independence Day high.  I truly love this holiday and another excuse to celebrate our freedoms and the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for those freedoms every day.  So, I'm sharing my five favorite moments from the holiday with you today.

1. Boating.  For only the second time this season (which in my opinion is a crime against our boat), we made it out to the lake.  The water is PERFECT out on Lake Mead.  I love capturing this moment - every time we clear the no wake zone, the excitement rises and the expression on the girls' faces is priceless.  Case in point.  :)

2. We FINALLY got Bodie out in the water!  He's been fighting us, whining because we're out there and he's not, and the terrified look in his eyes was, sorry, hilarious.  But this time, maybe it was the heat, or maybe he was just tired of being on the sidelines.  He got in!  And he swims so well - HE LOVED IT!  I couldn't be more excited!

3. We have been waiting for tooth number 6 to fall out.  She's been working on it for an entire week.  And today was its day.  It's also the first tooth that she's wiggled free on her own.  A big day - seems like she likes to lose her teeth on holidays (we've covered Christmas, Grandpa's birthday, and now Independence Day).

4. This was the first year we bought fireworks since moving to Las Vegas.  I spent my teenage years in Evanston, Wyoming, where you can get the GOOD fireworks.  So it's been hard to me to make the purchase here in Las Vegas since the only legal fireworks are ones that don't leave the ground.  But we put on a pretty good fountain and flower show. Thankfully some of our neighbors had the, ahem, good stuff.

5. We had planned on watching the big firework show over at Aliante Casino, until we got there and we (along with about a hundred other people) realized that they weren't doing fireworks this year.  Total bummer.  But we were able to catch a few biggies on our way home from around the valley.  Thankfully it's a big town, and we have fireworks shows going on all week.  We'll have to catch another one tonight or tomorrow.

What were your favorite moments from the holiday?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I am so thankful for our nation's birthday and that we can celebrate our freedoms.  And I could pretend that I'm all kinds of prepared for next week by having my meal plan ready this morning, but I'm not.  Not at all.  Once I wake up this morning, I'll attempt to throw something together.  :)  Maybe we'll just have PB&J all week.