Cafe Zupas

I had the extreme pleasure of attending a VIP blogger event last weekend to Cafe Zupas off of Lake Mead and Buffalo here in Las Vegas.  They have 2 locations here in Vegas, with several others in Utah and Arizona.  It is so politely called now, around my house, my "blog restaurant".  The kids have asked twice now to go back.  What is the big deal?  Let me show you.

First of all, we were truly given the "red carpet" treatment.  Red carpet was out for us, lots of exposure to their menu, and people happy to see us and great us.  I was really impressed with their staff and how friendly they were.  You know, for a Soup, Salad, and Sandwich "Kitchen", it was impressive.  Clean.  Sleek.  Clean.  Did I mention clean?  Well, it was!  Usually when I walk into a place like this, I'm overwhelmed at the scent.  I can't describe it, only except to say that it smells similar to bleach.  Not Cafe Zupas.  What could I smell?  Oh, just lovely spices, fresh bread, and chocolate.  It kind of sucked me in immediately.

Once inside, it's cafeteria style.  And that's not a good description.  When I picture a cafeteria, I think of grade school - nasty cafeteria lady with her hair net and food that is super processed.  Not here!  The line starts at the salad bar.  They make your salad fresh for you right there.  No premixed stuff for this girl!  Same with your sandwich.  Made right there, in front of you.  Soups ready.  Desserts waiting.  It just goes on and on.  (excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin for a moment - okay, thanks.)  Above the servers there is a huge line up of spices.  That's impressive to me. I'm one that LOVES spices.  Mix 'em up, use a lot, give me some depth to my food.  But, to tell you a little about their menu, they offer ten homemade soups, twelve fresh salads, and seven handmade sandwiches (including paninis).  Then they offer soup mix-ins, toppings, and even a create-your-own salad option!  Desserts and chocolate covered strawberries, and a huge drink bar that includes Italian Soda.

They were kind enough to let us sample some of everything.  And between the four of us, we got a good variety.  I love salads with fruit in them.  So for me, it was an easy choice for salad - Mangoberry.  It had fresh salad greens, strawberries, mangos, blueberries, cinnamon almonds, and a house mango yogurt dressing.  It was SO good and refreshing.  The Hubs opted for a more traditional approach - Chicken Chop Salad, which is very similar to a cobb salad.  It had fresh salad greens, chicken, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, black olives, croutons, and blue cheese dressing.  We both had the Lobster Bisque, which was so fantastic.  Very much a seafood chowder and very tasty.  The girls even gave up their tomato soup for our bisque.  It was a soup fight for the rest of the meal.  The kids were hooked up with their favorites - grilled cheese and tomato soup.  You just can't go wrong with that choice for kids.  But it was the dessert that truly finished off our meal.  I went for the hazelnut creme brulee, Hubs chose the cheesecake, and the girls got some brownies.  We were all offered chocolate covered strawberries (THE REAL FREAKING DEAL!).  It was the perfect end to an amazing light and refreshing meal.

I would like to give a shout out to Devin, who ran the event like a pro.  They had giveaways, coloring
contests for the kids (doesn't K2 look so thrilled?  I promise, she was.), trivia, and more promotions.  Devin was so professional and fun.  I appreciate her invitation to attend this event and to review Cafe Zupas' menu.  It was a treat and I will be back for more.  If you live in Vegas and ever want a place to grab a quick bite to eat, check this place out.  Summer or Winter, they have foods to cool you off or warm you up.  Oh, and Devin, my girls say hi, they loved you!  :)

This post was written by me on behalf of Cafe Zupas.  
I have not been paid for my review.
This is strictly my honest opinion.