Food FYI - High Protein Vegetables

Last Friday I told you how Hubs was going to be doing some heavy duty lifting over the weekend - Crossfit.  A lot of workouts.  Putting his body through the wringer.  So I knew that he was going to be needing a lot of protein.  And I have a hard time just feeding my family meat.  So, I did a little research.  I was curious what vegetables are high in protein.  Here's what I found, and no, I did not include legumes:

Does anything on this chart surprise you?  Because something sure surprised me - Corn?!  Really?  Of all the vegetables, corn ranks the highest in protein content per cup.  Everything I've ever read about corn is that it is empty calories.  Holy crap.  And then cauliflower.  I knew there was a reason that I'm loving Mashed Cauliflower more than mashed potatoes these days.  

Again, I didn't include legumes in this, because they are naturally the source of alternative protein that everyone knows about.  I wanted to see exactly what vegetables have high protein content because I like to include vegetables in every meal - they are rich in fiber and other fantasticly yummy nutrients.  And when you go into a rich protein diet, it is important to be getting your fiber as well - don't want to feel all heavy and, um, grumbly in the tumbly?  Not straight forward enough for you?  Okay.  Constipation.  When your diet is rich in proteins, it is simply more easy to become constipated.  So make sure you are including some high protein vegis, and lots of water.  

Some recipes with these lovely high protein vegetables: