Month In Review and a Winner

Well, here we are.  The last day of September.  So let's take a moment and review a few of the recipes and events from this month.

I tried to focus on a few slow cooker recipes, getting ready for Fall.  I really love Slow Cooker recipes and the simplicity that goes along with them.

I shared my recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Of all the soups that I make in the Slow Cooker, this is my favorite.  This soup has a lot of depth to it, and yes, I serve it with avocado!

And one of the staples that should be made in a Slow Cooker is Chili.  There are several varieties.  I find that using several types of beans makes the chili rich in flavor and texture, so my Three Bean Slow Cooker Chili is one of my favorites.

And what is chili without a little Cornbread?  Just chili.  This Cornbread is sweet and moist and the perfect side for a warm bowl of chili or soup.

We had a birthday last month, and at the request of the birthday girl I made Cookies and Cream Cupcakes.  They turned out wonderfully light and rich.  

And we've come to the end of the Breyers® series.  To celebrate a wonderful summer full of ice cream, I made Chocolate Profiteroles, a choux pastry full of wonderful Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream and topped with Breyers Chocolate Syrup.

Thank you everyone who participated in the last in the Breyers® giveaway series.  It's been so much fun to give free ice cream to people.  And awesome ice cream for that matter!  If you haven't tried Breyers® Ice Cream, you should!  It's all natural and delicious!  I wish that I could give all my readers a sample of their ice cream.  This month's lucky winner of a Target $25 Gift Card and 3 coupons for free Breyers Ice Cream is.....


Congratulations!  And again, thank you everyone, I'm really excited to have had so many readers participate.   And now onto October!

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