School Lunch and Meal Plan

Wow.  Last Friday of September!  Does that make anyone else wonder where September went?  I went into Target today and while we were looking at Halloween costumes, I noticed the entire back wall was Christmas lights!  I had to do a double take.  And then take a picture for proof so that people wouldn't think I was crazy.  Seriously?!  September 26th and you guys are putting Christmas lights out?  Sheesh, way to make a girl feel like the world is spinning faster every year.

Any-hooser, the reason we're here today.....another week of school lunches.  Our new little addition to cold lunches is actually not for cold stuff:

I found this little beauty at Target.  K1 had a special request for some tomato soup with her lunch this week, so I took the plunge and made the "investment."  This is the Thermos FUNtainer.  It holds 10 oz., which is about one of those Cambell Soup on the Go cups.  It is top rack dishwasher safe.  It ran me $15.  Was it worth it?  Yup!  Kept her tomato soup warm all the way until she came home from school!

Okay, now for the good stuff:

1 - Ham and Cheese Wrap with Mission® Whole Wheat Tortilla, Baby Carrots and Ranch, Grapes, Hershey Minis.
2 - Grilled Cheese with Whole Wheat Bread, Tomato Soup, Grapes, Hershey Minis.
3 - PB&J with Whole Wheat Bread, Applesauce, Baby Carrots with Ranch, Hershey Minis.
4 - Hot Dog and Cheese Kabobs with Ketchup and Mustard, Pretzel Crackers, Grapes, Hershey Minis (Notice I didn't put a vegi in her lunch this time?  That's because she got a boat load of vegis that night for dinner so I thought I'd let it slide for one day).
5 - She's going to FREAK in the morning when she sees this lunch!   Sushi (her favorite food in the whole world) and Soy Sauce, Applesauce, Reese's Pieces.

And here we go with another round of dinners for the following week.  I'm on the verge of whipping out all the Fall recipes, full of pumpkin and yummy warm casseroles.  There's a little taste this coming week when I share my recipe for Pumpkin Pie Waffles.  I can't wait!

Saturday: Free Day!  Because frankly, we all need a free day.
Sunday: Slow Cooker Beef Stew (Recipe to follow)
Monday: Brinner - Pumpkin Pie Waffles (Recipe to follow), Sausage, Fried Eggs
Tuesday: Spinach and Mushroom Stuffed Shells and Caesar Salad
Wednesday: Slow Cooker Chicken Tamale Casserole (Recipe to follow)
Thursday: Grandma Cook's Lemon Barbecue Chicken,
Friday: Chicago Style Pizza

Have a great last weekend of September.  I hope all my friends up north are staying warm and not being inundated with tons of snow.  Holy cow.  It's crazy!  See you Monday!