Three Bean Slow Cooker Chili

I love Fall.  Everything about it.  I love the leaves on the ground.  I love the sound of football on the television and possible tickets to a college football game.  I love getting my jeans and hoodies out of storage because it's starting to cool off (here is Vegas we start freezing as soon as the temps drop below 80!).  And I love the food that goes along with fall.  Chili is one of those.  To me, there is nothing better than hanging out with family while watching a Broncos game with a big pot of chili waiting for dinner.  

In my opinion, chili is best when it's made in the slow cooker.  It sits and simmers and stews for at least 4 hours.  All those amazing flavors and spices come together in one steamy pot.  And I like variety in my chili, so I use several types beans.  For this recipe, I use dark red and light red kidney beans and black beans.  I also like to use ground turkey instead of ground beef.  It makes a lighter, less fatty chili.  I also add a can of corn for another texture/flavor.  Food has amazing depth when you can combine textures and flavors.  I serve it with Cornbread or on top of Tuffies all season long.  If you have leftovers, it can be easily frozen and reheated.  Just pour cooled chili into a ziploc bag and place in the freezer, flat, and keep frozen for up to 2 months.

Slow Cooker Three Bean Chili


1 Tbs. vegetable oil
1 small yellow onion, chopped
1 lb. ground turkey
1 can tomato soup
1 can chili ready diced tomatoes
1 can corn, drained
1 can diced green chilies
1 can dark kidney beans, drained
1 can light kidney beans, drained
1 can black beans, drained
1 Tbs. chili powder
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
1/2 Tbs. garlic powder
1/2 Tbs. ground cumin
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
1/4 tsp. ground allspice
Salt to taste


1. Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat. Saute onion for a few minutes, then place turkey in the skillet, and cook until evenly brown.

2. Coat the inside of a slow cooker with cooking spray, and mix in turkey, tomato soup, chilies, corn, kidney beans, black beans and onion. Season with chili powder, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, cumin, black pepper, allspice and salt.

3. Cover, and cook 8 hours on Low or 4 hours on High.

Serves 10