It's here!  I've been waiting all month for these next 2 weeks.  Everything pies.  For those of you in Canada, Thanksgiving is this month.  But for us in the United States, Thanksgiving is next month (November), and pie is an absolute staple on the American Thanksgiving table.  So I thought it would be nice to give everyone a kick start on their pie preparations for the holiday.  I'm going to be sharing pies, pie crusts, pie plates, and more pie stuff over the next 2 weeks.

And lucky me, I have some amazing women joining me for this series, sharing some of their favorite pie recipes.  I've been fortunate enough to call them all family in some way or another.  And we all share a passion for home cooked goodness.  Here's your line-up:

Yes, I am including my Grandma Cook in that line up.  She passed away in 1996, but I still use a lot of her recipes, including a few pies.  So I will be sharing one of those with you in this series.

Every day will be a new pie or some information on pies.  So make sure you visit everyday to load up on ideas.  Also, my Amazon Store will have links to things that I have stocked in my kitchen to make pies.  You can visit there and add things to your wish list for Christmas!  (Wow, did I just use that word?!)

And without further ado, I give you....