Types of Pie Pans

Today I wanted to talk a little about the different types of pie pans, or plates, that are used.

Metal pans are lightweight, inexpensive and can last just about forever. You will find these used in most pies that are sold in stores and restaurants.  They heat unevenly, so pies made with these plates sometimes have portions of crust that are more done than others. Additionally, if you are using a very thin pan, you may have to reinforce the pan with a baking sheet or second pie plate, as it may not be strong enough to support the weight of a baked pie without bending. 

Glass pie plates retain heat and heat very efficiently, which means that they also distribute heat evenly and your pies will bake evenly in these. The bottom of the crust will also keep cooking for a few minutes after the pie comes out of the oven, which minimizes the risk of a soggy crust. These pans are quite durable and inexpensive, so if you are careful with your pans they will last you a very long time.

Ceramic pans are the most expensive type of pan, but are a favorite of many bakers. Ceramic offers the same heat-retention properties as glass, so your pie crusts will bake evenly. These pans also tend to be very pretty, with colorful finishes that make for a great presentation when you serve your pies.

So which one do I like?  I own both glass and ceramic.  I REFUSE to use metal pans. To me, they just look cheap (which they are), and for all the work that goes into a pie you should use a nice pie plate to show off your efforts.