Meal Plan

Once again, we had a shortened week at school - no school on Monday for the holiday and a half day today for teacher preparation.  Three days of school lunches.  And nothing exciting.  So, we're going to forego the school lunches (and pray for inspiration next week) this week.  If you want to see what I did make, you can visit me on Instagram.

But, I have a meal plan for you!  Gots to feed the family over here!  We are having more birthdays this week, one of them happens to be mine.  Sigh.  I feel like Joey on Friends, "Why, why are you doing this to us?  We had a deal!  Let them grow old, not me!"

But every year, it comes.  And I get one year older.  The only consolation prize I get is that baby girl, K2, shares my birthday with me.  That's right.  She is/was my ultimate birthday gift.  And I love that we get to share that day.  So we're having 2 birthday dinners this week to celebrate.  Guess which one is hers and which one is mine!  It's pretty obvious.  :)

Saturday: Birthday Dinner - it's a surprise!
Sunday: Three Bean Chili and Cornbread
Monday: Birthday Brinner - Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Strawberries
Tuesday: Grandma Cook's Barbecue Chicken (Yup!  It's still grilling season in Vegas!)
Wednesday: Tuffies
Thursday: Fish and Chips (courtesy of Gortons® Wicked Good Seafood)
Friday: Chicken and Artichoke Pizza (Hm, sounds good in my mind!  Recipe to follow, if it works out.)

I'm also going to be doing some Thanksgiving dinner prep next week.  Looking forward to sharing some of my favorite, family recipes with you for the holidays!