Favorite Things - Kitchenaid 12 Cup Food Processor

This little beauty (which is not so little, really) is one of my favorite kitchen tools, E.V.E.R!  It's KitchenAid's 12 Cup Food Processor.  But it's not just a food processor.  I use it for everything.  Bread.  Cookies.  Chopping vegetables.  Shredding cheese.  Slicing potatoes.  Whipping cream and egg whites.  I don't think there is one recipe that I've made where I haven't been able to use it.

I don't own a hand mixer.  I don't own a stand mixer (which is on my wish list for Christmas this year).  This bad boy does it all for me.

So what does it come with?  It comes with a 12 cup bowl, a 10 cup bowl, and a 4 cup bowl (all 3 fit inside each other for storage).  It comes with a small and a large blade and a dough blade.  There's a juicer and an egg white beater.  AND there's 3 slicing/shredding discs.  I have used them all, and they are all fantastic.  I love having one appliance that will do it all for me.  The only issue I have with it is that it can only handle 4 cups of flour at a time.  That means one batch of cookies or one loaf of bread.  But that's it.  I have had no other problems with it!  I have had mine for 6 years now, and it is still running like a champ.

Would I recommend it for a beginning cook?  YES!  Would I recommend it for someone who just likes to mess around every once in a while in the kitchen?  YES!  There have been times where I haven't wanted to cook and it just makes my life so much simpler and cooking so much faster.  Prep time for me is cut at least by a third, if not in half.  Add this to your Christmas wish list!