Food FYI - Tomatoes

Tomatoes.  Red.  Juicy.  Versatile.  And a fruit.  Say what?!  No, it's not a vegi, although it is often considered a vegi.  Okay, now a little info about these beauties.

The tomato has been found all over the world, from Asia to North America.  But the top producer of tomatoes in the world is China!  Who would have guessed?  Not me.  There are so many varieties, from Cherry to Beefsteak, Plum to Roma.  They are the most common of garden fruits, and anyone that grows them can tell you that when successfully cultivated, the plants outproduce the needs.

Tomatoes are chock full of lycopenes, one of the strongest antioxidants.  Lycopene has been shown to help prostate cancer, aids in the skin's ability to protect against UV rays, reduce the risk of breast cancer, and might strongly protect against neurodegenerative disorders.  They contain vitamin C and A.  All of this aids in a reduced cardiovascular risk and in Type II diabetes.  WOW!  And even better, most of these nutrients are maintained through all the preparation processes of tomatoes.

So how do you eat it?  Raw, stewed, sauced?  In chili, soup, pasta, pizza?  On sandwiches, burgers, or in salsa?  I think this is one of the most versatile fruits out there.  Here's a few recipes of my own that uses tomatoes in a variety of ways:

Slow Cooker Spaghetti
Chicago Style Pizza
Beefalo Burgers

So my question is, do you grow your own tomatoes?  If so, what variety do you prefer?