Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Okay, so we've covered that my mom loves Snickerdoodles.  A frequented cookie in my house when I was growing up.  Another of my mom's favorites is Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  There is something so wonderful about that rich, creamy ice cream with pieces of toasted pecans in it.  Maybe it was something she learned to love while we were living in Mississippi (pecans are popular in the South).

So for barbecue week, and teaming up once again with Breyers®, I thought it would be fitting to match the two in a wonderful Summer treat - Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches.  When you combine the rich ice cream with the slight bitterness of the cookie, it takes away the strength of both and gives you a refreshing ice cream treat.  Plus, when you use Breyers®, you are getting an ice cream with natural ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup.  It's something that I love giving my family because I know what is in it!

Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches


Breyers® Buttern Pecan Ice Cream


1. Lay 4 pieces of wax paper on the counter.

2. Lay the Snickerdoodles, bottoms up, on top of the wax paper.

3. Place a scoop of ice cream on one half of each pair.  Place the other cookie on top of the ice cream and gently press down until the ice cream has come out to the edges of the cookie.

4. Wrap the wax paper around the sandwich and place in freezer for a minimum of 2 hours.

Serves 4

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