School Lunch and Meal Plan

Happy first day of November!  Are your kids on a sugar high like mine are?  Holy cow.  I'm so glad that our school is out for the weekend.  Before I get into the lunches I made this week, I just have to share the cupcakes that I made for K1's class yesterday.  Seriously, these turned out so cute and so stinking easy!

I used my Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cupcake and Cream Cheese Frosting recipes.  I put the frosting in a gallon size ziploc bag and then cut the tip off one of the corners.  I piped them on this way because I didn't want them to be exact and equal.  I wanted them to have a weird shape and be a little different, like ghosts!  Then I just added some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips for the eyes, and jumbo semi-sweet chocolate chips for the mouths.  SO EASY!  And so fun.  They were a huge hit in class.  Okay, now onto the lunches:

**Note: We had our church trunk or treat last weekend, so K1 got a piece of her candy in each of her lunches this week.

Day 1 - Ham and Cheese Sandwich on whole wheat bread, Broccoli and Ranch Dip, Grapes, Halloween Candy.

Day 2 - Tuna Fish and Provolone Cheese on whole wheat bread, Carrots and Ranch Dip, Grapes, Halloween Candy.

Day 3 - Grilled Cheese Sandwich on whole wheat bread, Cambell's® Tomato Soup (which has a full serving of vegetables!), Sliced Strawberries, Halloween Candy.

Day 4 - Happy Halloween!  Peanut Butter Bats (PB & Honey on Whole Wheat Bread). Witch Fingers and Essence of Ghost (Carrots and Ranch Dip).  Pureed Monster Brains (Del Monte® Fruit and Veggie Puree, Peach Mango).  Halloween Candy.

Day 5 - Today, K1 and I have a Parent Teacher Conference.  So I'm taking this opportunity to send K2 to a friend's house, and spending the morning with K1 for a mommy-daughter date.  After our conference, we're going Christmas shopping (OH YEAH!) and then to Raising Cane's for a little lunch.  One of our favorite places to eat.  Why?  Because "THE SAUCE IS BOSS!"

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I have to be honest with you.  I'm kind of in a cooking funk right now.  I think between the holidays fast approaching (I didn't even get Halloween decor out this year because I've been so busy!), being busy with home decrapification, helping out at K1's school, and other such nonsense, I'm just burning the candle at both ends.  But be patient with me.  I always have a fire that lights under me right between my birthday (I'll be 25 again this year, plus a few more, but hey, who's counting!?) and New Years.  So if my meals seem a little boring, it's only because I'm just trying to push through the funk and NOT EAT OUT hardly at all.  That's my mantra for the next 10 weeks - DON'T EAT OUT MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK!  Hey, I still need my free day.

Saturday: FREE DAY!  WOO HOO!
Sunday: Slow Cooker Chicken with White Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Tossed Salad (Recipe to follow)
Monday: Brinner! Pancakes, Fried Eggs, Bacon
Tuesday: Fish Tacos
Wednesday: Clam Chowder and Sourdough Bread
Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie
Friday: Pizza, Steve. (If you can name this movie, you are officially cool.)

Have a great first weekend of November!  See you Monday!