Is this for real?  Is this an ACTUAL blog entry from Cat?  Yup, sports fans, it is.  I am still here.  Just divided into several parts.  Life has been so insanely busy for me that, unfortunately, my little blog has fallen onto the back burner.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say that.  Cooking fell on the back burner, as in for 2 whole months, I think I cooked a meal maybe a handful of times.  I am so ashamed to admit that.  I still made some awesome meals, but they were just very few and very far between.  So awful.

I have been at odds with myself over whether or not I should continue to make you all think that I still have a life outside of my little home office where I run sales and accounting reports all day long.  Then school started and my afternoons were consumed with homework help and carpool and PTO and..... and..... and.... And when the hubs and I finally sit down at night, I've been on the computer for most of the day and I am just simply burned out.  It's been a nightmare.  I'm very grateful that we've been able to support ourselves for almost a year now  - holy crap, it's been almost a year of running our own business.  But I've learned quickly that it is not easy. Like AT ALL!  At least if you want to make it work for an extended amount of time.

Then there's the other awful, embarrassing part of my life that I have to admit.  I've debated about doing it on my blog and putting it out there for the world.  But I think I need to.  I think I need get my dirty laundry and secret stashes of cookies out there (I might mean that quite literally).  Over the last decade, between pregnancies, depression, stress, and just plain old bad eating habits and lack of desire to exercise, I've put on an enormous amount of weight.  At least for me.  Some people might say, "It's not THAT bad."  But it is to me.  And all the things that I love about this time of year, including Pietober and the Holiday Cookie Swap, are going to be put to the side for next year after I have control of my health.

And now it's fall (yes, we do have fall in Vegas), and all I want to do is knit cute little hats and scarves for my nieces, nephews, friends, and my family.  You might have caught some glimpses of those if you follow me on Instagram.  And my excuses just seem to keep piling up.  So me, myself, and my blog had a heart to heart talk.  And I think we came up with a happy medium.

Over the next little while, you're going to start seeing more posts about my journey to lose weight (and yes, I'll be sharing numbers with you.  Sigh.  I may vomit a little when I hit the "post" button.).  You'll also see posts about my love for loom knitting including patterns and links to some of my favorite loom knitters.  I may even share the occasional graphic design element that I've been working on (yup, I do that too!).  You'll still get recipes, but I will be sharing more of my life with you than just my life surrounding food.  Make sense?

So here's my official apology for leaving you hanging.  And my official thank you for hanging in there with me.